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My Self-Esteem Takes A Blow May 6, 2012

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My self-esteem took two blows today…

The first was when my ex-husband, inexplicably, sent me a picture of his new girlfriend…yes, my first thought was, “WTF?” And my next thought was, “Wow, she’s pretty…much prettier (and thinner) than me…”

Should that matter? Probably not…does it? A little…it was the first time I had ever compared myself to someone else with regards to him…

For half a second, I actually considered giving up on trying to lose weight…before anyone starts lecturing me, it lasted about half a second, and then my true self came back with a vengeance…and I rejected that thought…it made eating healthy very easy…

I had to talk myself into working out…because I let that picture mess with my head…but I rejected that, and picked a Zumba DVD…and that’s when the second blow hit…

I saw my reflection in the glass doors of my living room…I was so shocked that I almost stopped…holy hell, is that what I look like?! But, I kept going…I never did get that imaginary image of myself rockin’ the Zumba back in my head, but it was still a good workout…

I’ve dwelled on this long enough, and I refuse to let this bring me down…


8 Responses to “My Self-Esteem Takes A Blow”

  1. Never let someone else’s cruelty affect your self perception. Happiness and healthiness is what is important and though you may initially be motivated by a negative comment or photograph of someone else, the truth is that working out just FEELS good 🙂 I wish you the very best in all your endeavors! I’ve never tried Zumba but heard it was a blast! Perhaps I’ll give it a try somewhere along the way of my own journey. Good luck!

  2. Think of it this way. Your ex loved and married you so I’m sure you are as beautiful if not more than her

  3. I have had this exact thought but in regards to an ex-boyfriend. The thing to remember is you are amazing and it doesn’t matter what she looks like because you are becoming that best YOU that YOU can be.

  4. Theo Black Says:

    Yeah, I think you’re working this out the right way. The key is to aim for healthy, in my opinion. You need health, and seriously, health is more attractive than anything.

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